Clothing Hack Friday Is a series I’m trying out to help those of you like me who loooove fashion and the quirkiness that goes with it, but often find themselves uninspired and wearing the same day to day thing! I myself am creature of habit with a passion for the colour black. However, I’ve always wanted to be one of those with a more out there appeal. hence, the variety of clothing here on Bellabibies. This series is all about learning new things that are just as much practical as they are useful.

Firstly, I thought a great one to start off with that isn’t that much of a tip or trick just more of a good to know fact would be the labels within the garment here on Bellabibies and what they mean. This may be completely useless to some as you yourself likely may already know this, but as for people like myself who  pretty much only knew a couple of symbols prior to Bellabibies (due to my very helpful mother who did my washing for me p.s love and thanks mum) I feel that this would be pretty handy. Especially, as the preservation of an item is so important as no one wants to see a £20.00 plus top being pulled out of the washing machine shrunk and colour stained, enough to bring any women/man to tears!! Been there, done that, bought the T -shirt (and shrunk it)

Here are just a few labels that the customers of Bellabibies may come into contact…