To all those who have remained patient with myself and the opening of Bellabibies, I am pleased to announce we are now live!! IM SO EXCITED…..nervous!! I really hope that you like the stock I have picked out as a starting point for Bellabibies, as trust me there was a lot to choose from and just hope I have catered to everyone’s preferences. Bellabibies AKA Bella (me) have decided to keep the website fresh/different by continuously adding new items each week/every other day. I plan to do this with the help of you guys as I want you to help me choose, would you prefer more tops added, more jewellery maybe something new altogether? I feel that by doing this you would never feel disappointed with our range plus the experience of shopping online would be a little more personal to you as an individual as you would be buying things you would actually need and would wear ect. We promise to provide fashion of a high standard and quality at very reasonable, affordable costs and would love to hear your feedback. Be it positive or words of wisdom as I honestly feel we could always better ourselves and with your help that isĀ  possible.

To help coincide with my website I have also created a Facebook account (@bellabibiesfashion) in hopes of making the idea of a more personal shopping experience a reality, I plan to create outfits, offer deals, create competitions, giveaways and much more… so please like and share our page to be in a chance of winning some really pretty stuff.

Finally, not only would I like to thank Karen Thomas for creating such a beautiful site, I would also like to thank every single person who I have spoke to whilst in the making of Bellabibies who kindly gave me their email address as I was offered nothing but advise and pure, genuine encouragement which really goes along way during the final days leading up to the nerve wrecking big reveal of the site. As an additional thank you I have asked for a 10% off first order discount to be used by all those who purchase an item (2F78S)

Happy shopping!! xxx